02 maio 2008

in the mood

até os pombos da cinelândia sabem que, salvo uma coisa aqui outra acolá, tenho todas as restrições possíveis aos anos 80, em especial à sua produção musical de massa.

eis que outro dia bastou um carro passar do meu lado tocando men at work, pra me dar uma bruta vontade de baixar tudo (as músicas. olha a margem!).

e não é que reencontrei uma que tem tudo a ver com tudo?

Who Can It Be Now? - Men at work

Who can it be knocking at my door?
Go 'way, don't come 'round here no more.
Can't you see that it's late at night?
I'm very tired, and I'm not feeling right.
All I wish is to be alone;
Stay away, don't you invade my home.
Best off if you hang outside,
Don't come in - I'll only run and hide.

Who can it be now?

Who can it be knocking at my door?
Make no sound, tip-toe across the floor.
If he hears, he'll knock all day,
I'll be trapped, and here I'll have to stay.
I've done no harm, I keep to myself;
There's nothing wrong with my
state of mental health.
I like it here with my childhood friend;
Here they come, those feelings again!

Who can it be now?

Is it the man come to take me away?
Why do they follow me?
It's not the future that I can see,
It's just my fantasy.

Oh...Who can it be now?