19 janeiro 2005

dan fante mata a pau

o filho do velho arturo bandini, alterego de john fante, resume tudo o que eu disse nos últimos bostejos:

Americans are getting fatter and fatter. We're eating our way to the promised land -- and Disney Land -- and Stupid Land.
Right now America has a huge middle class, many million very rich people, but a shitload of poverty too. Over 70% of Americans have bad credit. We're fat, we're greedy, and we don't give a shit. Our religion is TV. Our savior is Bill Gates. We've learned our lessons well. We know how to put number one first.
The British are civilized. People still read and some conversations can be interesting. By contrast American are fat and stupid and so thoroughly brain-blurred and over-sold by our culture that there's a numbing, unapologetic, arrogance and desperation about us. In fact, I've just defined the perfect consumer.

retirado de uma entrevista para a edição de junho da revista inglesa 3m. quem estiver afiado no idioma de shakespeare, pode dar uma bordejada aqui.

caso encerrado.